Part of the Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust group of Academies



We have a 30 period week with each lesson 50 (or 45) minutes long.

The majority of students will follow a curriculum plan which is broad and balanced.



       * In Year 9 students must opt for History or Geography. Students can choose the second subject as a GCSE when selecting their GCSEs.
       ** We will supplement our work on PSHE/Citizenship with other activities including assemblies and standalone days.
       *** Small numbers of students may not follow French.

In Year 7 some students will work with a dedicated full-time teacher covering a similar range of subjects.

♦ Year 10 Options then include three from:

triple science, history, geography, RE, food, art, resistant materials, citizenship and computing.

♦ Year 11 Options then include:

triple science, history, geography, RE, PE, food, art, resistant materials, electronics, citizenship and computing.

We will be offering details of the content and courses shortly.