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Careers Advice and Guidance is the provision of impartial, learner / client-centred, advice and guidance. This is used to assist students in making appropriate career decisions and choices, which are informed and well thought through. It enables students to apply their knowledge, understanding, skills and experiences to manage their career and make informed decisions about their education, training or employment. If young people find jobs which utilise their potential and meet their own goals they are likely to be more motivated and therefore more productive in their work. We also promote social inclusion, challenge stereotypes and promote equality of opportunity by raising the aspirations of disadvantaged groups and supporting them in accessing opportunities that otherwise might be denied.


Our students have access to good quality careers education provision, and impartial careers information, advice and guidance. This will assist them to make well-informed career choices and to achieve their full potential. All students get a detailed action plan in order to establish their own career choices. By using effective career, decisions can lead to increased and appropriate participation in education, training and employment. This will include:

  • enabling young people to develop the skills to be able to make informed decisions about their education, training and employment options
  • providing young people with opportunities and experience to develop the essential employability and life skills in order to become effective citizens and employees

If we achieve our goal, students will move towards the twin aspirations of social inclusion and economic success.


The careers Information given, provides access to up-to-date impartial labour market data and info relating to educational and training opportunities, to inform career planning and management. One of the key objectives of this CEIAG strategy is to develop effective career decision-makers. Impartiality of advice and guidance is vital and it is important to ensure that all young people have access to high quality advice and guidance.  Each student throughout their education journey at CoDA, will receive 1:1 careers interviews by our Careers Advisor.

Careers guidance delivered to our students is secured under this statutory duty must:

  • Be presented in an impartial manner;
  • Include information on the full range of post-16 education or training options, including apprenticeships and technical education routes
  • Promote the best interests of those to whom it is given.

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