Ready to Achieve

Values and Ethos

Your child is at the heart of everything we do and the school’s vision of ‘improving the life chances of all students’ is nurtured through our shared values of the ‘3Rs’ – being Respectful, Responsible and Ready to Achieve.

We believe that the City of Derby Academy is a vibrant and successful school where all students thrive through our shared principles of Question, Explore, Give and Succeed.

Question – All students are given the opportunity to question who they are and why they want to be; to question their understanding and their actions. They learn how to question in a considered way, and then to listen to the response.

Explore – At CoDA we give students opportunities and experiences, both in and beyond the classroom, educating the whole child and afforded them, looking for new ways to accomplish their goals, examining others’ values and beliefs, and exploring the world around them.

Give – At CoDA our staff and students are expected to give their very best in all that they do; they give their time and experience to help others, always giving equal respect to all.

Succeed – We are a successful school. Success is celebrated and prompted with all members in our community. We want all of our students to succeed – individually and as part of a team – to be courageous and to succeed with good spirit and humility, developing resilience and character to succeed, even if at first they fail.

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