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The importance of effective careers education within schools has never been greater. The increased choice of career, education and training pathways available to young people in today’s economy means that it is more important than ever for our young people to develop key employability skills and to receive high quality careers education, information, advice and guidance.

Our Aims

Our overall aim and aspiration, is that our students will develop the skills and confidence to make the most of their life choices and follow the career path, which suits them best. They will develop a clear understanding of the impact of their education, training and employment choices and will make career choices, which are informed and well thought through and are based on self-awareness. This will help them to understand the relevance of their education, skills and experience; and be aware of the opportunities and pathways available to them. CoDA’s CEG has been designed to incorporate the guidance given in the Gatsby Benchmarks. For more information about these benchmarks, please follow the link below:

Our aims are to be to enable our students to develop their knowledge, understanding, skills and experiences of opportunities that are available to them. By achieving this, they can then manage their career development, and make the relevant informed choices. By ensuring that students receive, a well-structured CEG should aid their successful transition into education, training or employment. Students’ employability skills are wide and a varied range of skills and capabilities. These skills will be enhanced so that it will allow a learner to be employable, to sustain employment and realise their potential in the world of work.  Our careers education package not only includes taught timetabled provision but also meaningful opportunities that are open to them. These include:

  • personal career planning
  • realistic and meaningful cross curricular opportunities for development of employability skills
  • opportunities for planned and relevant work-related learning experience

We believe in giving FE, HE and training providers the opportunity to talk to pupils at the school. Please use the following link to see our Provider Access Policy:

CoDA Policy Statement on Provider Access

The Careers Team

If you should require any more infromation on CoDA’s CEG programme the following members of staff are available to answer any questions:


Mr Smithson

Assistant Head


Phone: : (01332) 270450 ext. 12776


Mrs J Matthews

Careers Enterprise Coordinator


Phone: (01332) 270450 ext. 12562

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