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It is vitally important that pupils have high levels of attendance.  We are determined at the Academy to work with you to achieve this.

The government expects all pupils to have an attendance figure of at least 95%.  Any pupil absent for ten days or more in a year will miss this target.  We know this has a big impact on the progress they make and the results they achieve.

Our Heads of Year will work with our Attendance Officer to support those pupils whose attendance is of concern.  Where necessary, we will involve the Education Welfare Service.

What Can Parents Do?

»  Ensure your child attends regularly and is on time.

» Contact the appropriate Head of Year if you need our support.

The Academy has zero tolerance on holidays in term time.  Any leave of absence needed must be applied for to the Principal.  The law states that parents do not have the automatic right to take their child out of school for holidays during term time.

Some absences which are considered unavoidable and may, therefore, be authorised by the City of Derby Academy:

  • Pupil was genuinely ill (with evidence provided, ie medical appointment card or copy of prescription)
  • Pupil was attending a religious festival/ceremony with family
  • Pupil had a medical or dental appointment that could not be made out of Academy hours (with evidence provided, ie medical appointment card or copy of prescription)
  • Pupil was in hospital/having hospital treatment
  • Pupil was attending a funeral with family
  • Pupil was attending an interview for a job or place at college
  • Pupil was taking part in a public performance or examination

Some absences which are considered avoidable will be left unauthorised by the City of Derby Academy.  These include:

  • Trivial illness
  • Minding the house or waiting for workmen/deliveries etc.
  • Packing or getting ready for a holiday or trip or collecting relatives from the airport/station
  • Being on holiday
  • Being used to translate for a family member or friend or relative
  • Looking after brothers and sisters, including dropping them off at school or nursery
  • Looking after a sick relative
  • Helping with housework or family business
  • Being unhappy or not getting on with others at the Academy