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Careers Curriculum

CoDA’s CEG curriculum is made up of the formal and informal learning organised by the school. Careers in the curriculum describes a range of interventions which allow students’ to encounter career learning as part of their everyday school curriculum. By delivering, a good CEG Careers in the curriculum should promote students’:

  • career learning,
  • development and wellbeing;
  • enhance students’ subject learning and attainment

Careers Education Information and Guidance (CEIAG) has a central role to play in ensuring that the school achieves its aims.


  • Deliver an excellent quality of teaching which fosters an ethos of lifelong learning.
  • Provide a relevant and accessible curriculum, which meets the needs of our diverse community.


  • Develop a caring and supportive environment where everyone feels safe and valued.
  • Cultivate a comprehensive ethos that encourages inclusion.


  • Deliver academic excellence to achieve the highest standards.
  • Celebrate achievement in all its forms within and beyond the curriculum.

Every student should leave City of Derby Academy prepared for modern life. Through the PSHE/Careers department and the broader curriculum, we will provide opportunities for students’ to develop key employability and innovative skills. Activities will simulate real life challenges and encourage students to develop key character attributes such as resilience and managing risk.

Our CEIAG programme, will aim to develop knowledge, skills and understanding in the areas of self-awareness, opportunity awareness and decision-making. It will also ensure students know where to find, and how to access, key information about transition from one stage to another. Students will be supported in making well-informed, realistic decisions by providing access to impartial and independent information and guidance. This will include the full range of educational and training options that are most likely to help young people achieve their ambitions.

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