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Remote Learning at CODA – Student Guide

September 2020

Where do I need to get my work from?

To access your remote learning you will need to login to Microsoft Teams. To access Teams you will need to go to and login with your school details. There is a video guide on how to do use Teams on our website:

In the past we have set work on classcharts. Your teachers will continue to put work on classcharts.

If you want to access additional online learning, or if you are an individual who is self-isolating, then you can log in to EdClass and select online lessons. There is a guide on how to do this on our website.

What work will you be set when school is closed for you?

When the school is closed to students, your teachers will be setting you enough work to complete in the lessons that you will miss. This will be in the form of presentations, worksheets, videos or online work. Your teachers will set this work on Microsoft Teams . You will be set work in a separate Team for each of your subjects.

Your teachers will also provide live interactions for you. These may be meetings or live events. You will be invited to these on Microsoft Teams and can join them from the calendar.

Live interactions will happen most days at 10am and 2pm. The timetable for live interactions is below:

Week 1

Week 2

What do we expect you to do?

Students are expected to access work and live interactions when they are not in school. Students are expected to behave according to our behaviour code in any live interactions.

Any students who do not access work may be asked to attend ‘Getting ahead’ sessions from 2:30-3pm when the school reopens.

Other support and any if you have any problems

Your form teachers will be calling you at home once per fortnight when the school is closed to you. This is to check that you are safe and to support you with any remote learning problems.

If you need any support logging on to our systems the first try our website:

Or you can email

If you cannot remember your password or if you do not have access to a computer or internet data then please call the school on 01332 270450.

If you need extra work or support with tasks, then email your teacher directly.


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