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Academy Council

Our Academy Council is made up of two elected representatives from each year group, all of our Head Students, a member of staff and an Academy governor.

Each half term our Head Students prepare an agenda which reflects key academy issues. This is shared with tutor groups and then each Year council meets to discuss their views. The Head Students then run the council meeting and actions are taken forward.

Our Academy Council is a real force for improvement and we are proud how they represent us all.

Our Academy Council members are:

Year 7 – Helen C, Romeo M

Year 8 – Layla R, Riley H

Year 9 – Safina S, Kieran T

Year 10 – Mohammed R, Michela B

Year 11 – Eesa H, Balraj N

Head students – Karina S, Samer K, Muskan S, Vinjeru M

Connect – Roman S

Staff – Mrs C Russell

Governor – Mrs A Burdis

Academy Council Meeting Notes:

Academy Council Meeting MInutes 27th April 2021

Academy Council Meeting Minutes 9th February 2021

Academy Council Meeting Minutes 14th October 2020

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