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Social Time and Food

All social time at Connect is supervised by the Connect staff. We want our young people to be nourished in every way. Social interaction and meals provide an excellent opportunity to work on social skills and building connections as well as making sure young people fuelled for
learning. We also understand that some teenagers may favour that extra ten minutes in bed to their breakfast or use dinner money to buy less nourishing items on their way to school. In addition to food and drink staff also provide activities for young people to take part in with
some items available based on BFL scores.

Young people at Connect who have permission to attend Mainstream Breakfast club are allowed to but Connect also provides a breakfast club for Connect students where they can have cereal or toast and a warm drink with us for free. Vegan, Vegetarian and Halal options are also available on request. Once fortnight students also have an opportunity to develop their life skills in an extended Breakfast club on a Friday where they prepare a menu and cook it to eat together.

At breaktime young people will be given access to a free break time menu. Students that have not received their Cooperation marks in lessons will still be provided with breaktime items however will be given a more limited choice of items to encourage them to make better
choices in the future. Young people will be expected to use appropriate manners, sit at the tables provided to eat and clear away rubbish and dishes when asked. Wherever possible we want to offer the privilege of free food to our young people however should the privilege be abused we will need to review the free availability of items.

At lunchtime young people that are on free school meals will received their lunch from a hot box. Students will be asked to order their lunch at the start of the day which will come over to Connect in a hot box and be given out to again sit and eat at the tables provided as expected at breaktime. Young people that want to bring their own lunch may do so. Access to the microwave and kettle can be given (with supervision) and providing that the items brought in can be heated and eaten within 30 minutes.

Consumption of Certain Foods and Drinks

Break Time Menu

Social Time Activities Menu

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