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Inclusion and Diversity

Connect is an inclusive and diverse group of staff and students where we celebrate our uniqueness, different cultures and positive beliefs. Young people are encouraged to express themselves openly and explore difference in a supportive environment.

Connect is a safe place for young people to explore their identity and what makes them who they are. As part of the Connect Curriculum, keywork and general communication challenging topics are continually discussed openly with the aim to build understanding, acceptance, and

Connect has also arranged or delivered bespoke sessions and taken part in awareness raising sessions around covering aspects which relate to discrimination and prejudice in the following areas

• Black and Minority Ethnic Groups (BaME) (including ROMA)
• Gender inequality
• Human Rights
• Religious observations and practices
• Agism
• SEND and Disabilities including mental health issues
• Unconscious Bias
• Exploitation
• Poverty

Young people working with the Wellbeing team and Connect also supported in the development of protocols to address prejudice and discrimination sharing their experiences of discrimination and their passion to help bring about change so that everyone can coexist in harmony.

As part of the trauma and attachment informed approach Connect aims to be culturally sensitive and aware and support young people to educated each other and staff about our unique experiences as human beings. Connect also supports and encourages projects to promote equality and equity utilising music, art, stories, research tasks and food to explore and celebrate these areas.

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