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Currently Connect placements are only available to young people who attend City of Derby Academy. There are six different placement types as appropriate to the needs of the young people. Connect access is a high level SEND intervention therefore students that have not been referred to the SEND team before Connect may not be accepted. Young people in Year 7 also cannot be referred in the first term of school as other intervention needs to have been tried first. All referrals need to be agreed by the Senior leadership team, Safeguarding team and Connect Centre Lead. Referrals require completion of the following documentation
normally completely by the Year Team of the student being referred before they can be accepted and a meeting with the parent arranged.

Documents required
• Boxall Profile for Young People (Secondary) assessment – completed by a member of staff that knows the child well (observation based)
• Coping in Schools Scale (CISS) assessment – completed by a member of staff that knows the child well (observation based)
• SBIP or Fresh Start plus paperwork (This needs to include what interventions have been put in place already and any safeguarding dynamics with other young people)
• A student support plan (Risk Assessment)
• SEND information – What is the level of SEND? What has been tried, are there additional areas that need to be assessed?

Support Packages

Placement Process from Referral to Transition


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