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Assessments and Interventions

Connect have a range of in-house assessments used to address the SEMH needs of young people below is a table of assessments regularly carried out as part of the Assessment week by Connect staff. Connect staff also have access to a suite of additional SEMH specific assessments that may also be used depending on the outcomes of assessments below and referral paperwork. Additional SEND learning based assessments may also be carried out where appropriate in collaboration with the SEND department.

Assessments may also be carried out during key work or intervention slots to measure progress or assess any additional needs that may become apparent during sessions. Some assessments are to inform next steps whereas others may be to ensure appropriate signposting to external services that are better equipped to meet the needs of a young person. This is a collaborative process where all relevant parties will be involved in the process and ensuring that where consent is required young people can make an informed decision.


Some interventions are again standard practice as part of the placement such as Key work whereas others will be as appropriate to the needs of the young people. The following table documents existing interventions available at Connect and those with existing service level agreements (contracts) to provide support. Additional services can also be accessed via referrals to other agencies if required and funding agreed.


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