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Supporting Learning

Supporting Learning

We understand that our parents are keen to support their child’s learning.  The best way you can do this is to take a regular interest in their progress and send them to school every day.

The Academy will be developing its reporting processes to ensure you receive the information you need.  We would also encourage you to attend our calendared parents evenings. You might find it useful to study the latest report and come along with specific matters to discuss.

Talking to your child about their day, what they are learning and what work they need to do next can be very powerful.  This will encourage them and also ensure you have a sound understanding of how things are going.

Please be aspirational – we want our pupils to aim high and work hard.

If your child is having inappropriate or insufficient homework please let their Head of Year know.  You may wish to contact your child’s teacher, tutor or Head of Year to talk about your child.  This is particularly important if you have concerns – please don’t delay – we are here to help.

Whilst the member of staff may not be immediately available we will ensure they ring you back.  Alternatively, call into reception and make an appointment to talk to us.

We have put in place additional testing to identify pupils who have specific needs – for example with reading.  Any parents who are able to read regularly with their child will be making an important contribution. 

We will be introducing further reading interventions this year and information for parents will follow.