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Year 11 Mock Examinations

05 Jan 2017
Information about Year 11 Mock Examinations - Thursday 12th January to Friday 20th January 2017.


We wrote to parents/carers of all our Year 11 students before the Christmas holidays, with details of the mock examinations for Year 11. (To read the letter click here).

This message is to remind you that the Year 11 mock examinations start on Thursday 12th January 2017. They will run until Friday 20th January 2017.

Your child’s subject teachers will have given your child guidance and revision tips in preparation for these important examinations. Our teachers use this information to ensure that your child has the best chance of fulfilling their potential and achieving the highest grade possible.

Early finish after an examination

If your child has an afternoon examination which finishes part way through the final lesson of the day, they may be allowed to leave school early when it has finished. We are unable to give the exact time that students will finish their afternoon examination. This is because start times vary, depending upon the number of pupils taking the examination and the information needed to be given out before it starts.

If you would prefer your child to remain in school until the normal end of school day, (this includes pupils who escort younger brothers and sisters home) please contact the school office and we will make alternative arrangements.

Year 11 had an assembly on Friday 6th January 2017 to clearly explain our examination expectations and the early finish protocol.

In addition, a reminder that Year 11 Parents’ Evening is on Wednesday 11th January 2017.

If you have any queries please contact Mr Bane, Deputy Principal.   

More information about examinations can be found by clicking here.