Part of the Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust group of Academies



At the City of Derby Academy we provide a high quality catering service to pupils and staff, offering a balanced and healthy choice of food.

The food is locally sourced whenever possible to ensure quality and freshness and halal meat is provided to allow all faiths to enjoy the food. We use a computerised system which allows parents to view their child's purchases over any period of time.

All items are priced individually and we offer a range of 'meal deals'.

We recognize the importance that healthy eating plays in the social and emotional wellbeing of our pupils. At the Academy we strongly believe that children ought to have:

  • food that tastes good
  • food that looks good
  • food that is good for them
  • low fat content is used in all food production
  • minimum salt is used in our food production
  • fresh fruit and vegetables are available daily
  • no high sugar fizzy drinks
  • all food is cooked on site


 The Academy Catering Team, led by Ms C Summer (front centre)