Part of the Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust group of Academies

Basic Standards

Basic Standards

We expect the City of Derby Academy to be a vibrant learning community which helps young people to achieve impressive qualifications and to be well-placed to be successful in their future lives.

That means offering a high quality and aspirational experience - where pupils learn skills and develop confidence and resilience.

Our staff will be role models for our pupils. We will strive to deliver outstanding teaching and strong, consistent pastoral care. We are determined to support the needs of all our pupils.

We believe that the bedrock of a successful school is good basic standards.

That means establishing clear and well-communicated rules which are consistently applied. A tour of our Academy will showcase our pupils at their best - there will be a calm and purposeful atmosphere underpinned by respectful relationships, consideration for others and good manners.

It is in these circumstances that young people can prosper. The self-discipline and awareness this promotes will also serve them well long after they leave our Academy.

We have clear expectations on:

  • Uniform
  • Hair
  • Jewellery
  • Make Up
  • Footwear
  • Phones and other electrical devices

These are promoted in assemblies and will be set out in pupil planners and on this website.